The Star Host – Inspiration #1

I tweeted a few days ago some teasers of inspiration for my upcoming release The Star Host. And now it’s time to expand on those little snippets and talk about what inspired me to write not only a young adult, science-fiction novel, but this particular novel.

The main character, Ren, is a dreamer. He is a duster (planet born) and he hopes to one day leave his small village on Erden and explore the world of the drifts in space. He believes in the stories his mother has told him, including the myths of the star hosts, ever since he was a child.

“We’re not meant to be planet bound. We’re part of them, you know.”
“You’re not seriously quoting the bedtime story Mom always told us.”
Ren elbowed Liam in the ribs and earned a grunt. “It’s not a story. It’s a legend.”
“It’s fiction.”
“Legends have truth in them.”
Liam sat up, brushed away the sand clinging to his arms. “You honestly believe we’re made of stardust?”
“It’s better than believing we’re made of dirt.”

This exchange highlights a dichotomy in Ren’s and Liam’s ways of thinking. The phrase “made of dirt” is alluding to the creation story where man was made of dirt/clay which is the belief of most dusters. Ren, however, believes man is made of stardust. An idea supported by the video below.

“Look up at the night sky. We are part of it. The universe itself exists within us.”

Isn’t that an amazing thought? We are made of stardust.

When I saw this video years ago, it struck a nerve with me. And I knew I had to write a story incorporating this notion that humans are intrinsically connected to the stars. That we are more than we ever thought we were.

There are several key phrases from this video that shaped the universe that Ren inhabits, including the myths of the star hosts. For Ren, this video is affirmation for what he believes. He yearns to be in space, amid the stars, on the drifts.

What he doesn’t know when his adventure begins is how much stardust is actually within him. (More on that later 😉 )

I’ll be posting more on the inspiration for The Star Host over the next several weeks. Feel free to drop me a line and ask questions. Or let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to know about my upcoming release. I’d love to hear from you.

If you haven’t yet, you can enter to win a copy of The Star Host at Goodreads.



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