Advanced Review!

I have to thank Christin aka beenwandering so much for the animated cover she made for The Star Host. It’s beautiful!


Also, she gave the novel a lovely review which you can read here.

Here is an excerpt:

Absolutely the best part for me about scifi is getting to delve into a brand new world. Spacers, dusters, drifts; all of it creates a new setting that’s balanced with characters and circumstances that are relatable. Also? The pacing is perfect. I was interested and focused the whole time. I especially liked how it built the world and the plot together, rather than dumping information on and expecting me to remember it later.

Of course a great aspect of this book is the diverse cast. LGBTQ main characters, PoC, and women in power. The Star Host is a young adult book and I love that it’s written exactly like any other young adult book – without the heteronormativity. It’s just a kid trying to figure out himself, trying to figure out love, and trying to survive in a messed up world. In space.

You can pre-order The Star Host via Interlude Press or Amazon.


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