My Night as An Author


I did a reading at my local independent book store – Malaprop’s in Asheville. And it was awesome.

I was super nervous, but the staff at Malaprops were inviting and treated me like a ‘real’ author. Okay, yes, I am a real author. I write. I have been published. That qualifies. But I don’t think I felt like an actual author until I walked into Malaprops and was offered a drink from the cafe before my event started. I was a little taken aback. Yes, it was only a drink, but it was a drink! One I didn’t have to pay for!

And then Ali let me know there was a bottle of water under the podium for me. Which was also awesome because I was so nervous my mouth was dry as dust.

Before I began speaking, Ali introduced me. It was the nicest introduction in the history of introductions. I blushed through the whole thing. And I totally snagged a copy.


Now, I didn’t have a massive turnout. In fact, when I started, there were only three people there. My friend, my friend’s wife, and John from Geek Potpourri. But as it went on, a few more people showed up and the crowd grew to about ten.

Ten whole people sat and listened to me talk about my book, my writing process, my vision for the book, and heard me read two passages from the novel.

After I talked, I sat and signed books and handed out Y’all Means All pins. And THEN Aly asked me to sign my event poster for the store, and sign the entire stock of books they had left. Which was totally awesome. BUT the best thing… the absolute best thing… was signing the MALAPROP’S GUEST BOOK. Every author who has done a reading at Malaprops has signed that book. MY NAME IS NOW IN A BOOK THAT HAS SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN WRITING.



I may have swooned a little flipping through the book.

In conclusion, Malaprop’s is awesome. I’m totally going to do another reading. Support your independent book stores and your indie presses. And much love to everyone who came out and listened to me read and asked great questions.


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